Our Work


Bangladesh is a small country with huge population. Here, around 26.5 million out of 63 million children (46%) live below the national poverty line and 32 million children (51%) live below the international poverty line. Children and youth in Bangladesh remain vulnerable to child labor, child marriage, lack of access to quality health care, malnutrition, high secondary school drop-out rates, violence and abuse etc. Bangladesh Nazarene Mission (BNM) is working to remove these barriers from the community through Child Development Center (CDC). The CDC serving activities of Health and Nutrition, Social and Cultural; Self-help groups (SHG), Education, Sanitation and Capacity building, etc. The CDC gives emphasis on holistic development approach.


Bangladesh Nazarene Mission has been working for the most vulnerable children in the Dhaka city who have no shelter, no fixed place for resting, frequently abused and hated. They are the most negligible children class of our society who is only identity is the children on the street. Child Protection and Learning Center for Street Children is a project of BNM, which have been working for street children's educational development and providing nutritious food, health care, and other basic needs. It also provides social, emotional, and educational support through activities like after-school tutoring, cultural activities, and most importantly time to play. Through the love and teaching of the caregivers, children gain firsthand experience of the love and care and are given the opportunity to grow. This project is trying to protect children from all form of abuse.


AGL project is improving the food security and livelihood of the project participants in Birol Upazila of Dinajpur district. Project participants are getting access to training for improved harvesting, nutritious diet, women empowerment, better earning sources and coordination with government and non-government agencies. Key Features is : (1) Women empowerment (2) Agriculture and Livelihood